Three ways to recover from WP server failure

So my server failed a few day ago. And if failed badly. All data lost, all posts gone … pretty much everything gone.

  1. The easiest way is just to restore your backups …. but when you are reading this article then you most likely do not have a backup.
  2. Use the WordPress export tool from time to time. It is under Tools -> data export This will cause you a lot of work in case you loose your data.
  3. One other way to get to your lost data is to use google cache. Just search on google for all webpages from your site. I searched for “”. This will show all sites google knows about and you can use the little symbol next to the URL to access the google cache. Now starts the manual part, open all sites in the cache and save them. After that you can use the saved pages to rebuild your website.

As you might already suspect I had to use method three to rebuild my blog. And I am not jet finished. Still several articles I need to recover.




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