Overview of cloud services

Comparing all the cloud offerings is quite a challenge. Here the best resources I could find so far:

AWS Services by Amazon
AWS and Google by Google
AWS and Azure by Microsoft
AWS and rackspace by Rackspace
IBM Bluemix by IBM

And here some third party information:

AWS vs. Google vs. Azure by sitepoint.com
Azure vs. AWS by tomsitpro.com

Some other cloud service providers:

https://www.ovh.ie/ several DCs mainly IaaS and VDI
https://www.digitalocean.com/ several DCs and nice SaaS portfolio for developers
http://www.dimensiondata.com/Global/Solutions/Cloud several DCs for IaaS

Anything missing? Let me know and I’ll add it to the list.


IBM® Redpaper™: Deploying IBM Flex System into a Cisco Network

Here a link I had on my blog before my server crashed ….

The IBM® Redpaper™ is released. Together with my colleagues from the Technical Expert Council, Central Region (TEC CR) we wrote this guide: Deploying IBM Flex System into a Cisco Network


Smarter City Rio de Janeiro

A few years ago I was in Brasil and browsed ridethehill.com the net to find some nice pictures and videos of Rio. I found this video on ibm.com and have to share it with you.

Rios controll system has some really nice features like

flood and landslide forecast
automated notifications to emergency personnel
weather forecast
updates available via Twitter @OperacoesRio

and Facebook at Centro de Operações Rio

and much more …

Here a second video that gives a bit more of an insight how the system is used.